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Nuts and bolts discussions on the business and practical aspects of being a composer in the 21st century, with host Dennis Tobenski.
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Dec 28, 2016

Composer Reena Esmail ( joins Dennis to discuss a range of topics, including being a woman composer and a composer of color.

Dec 24, 2016

After several weeks of emailing to set up this episode, Stacy Garrop and I met in person at The Midwest Clinic, and had a wonderful time getting to know one another between Clinic events. A few days after I returned to NYC, we sat down for this conversation. Stacy’s a great composer, and I had the pleasure of hearing her fantastic brass quintet Legends of Olympus performed by the Gaudete Brass while I was in Chicago.

During the course of our conversation, we talk about:

  • The Midwest Clinic
  • Planning for conferences
  • Writing music for different levels of ability
  • Email newsletters
  • Having advocates for your music
  • Consistency in sending your email newsletters
  • Being shy
  • Stepping into a more outgoing persona
  • Reaching out to new ensembles
  • Formality and proper forms of address
  • Tailoring your bio to the occasion
  • Sending emails at the appropriate time
  • Going freelance full-time
  • The potential pitfalls of being a freelancer
  • Planning your freelance finances
  • Assessing your tolerance for risk

Stacy Garrop
Composer Inklings
Rusch: The Freelancer’s Survival Guide

Dec 19, 2016

I’m joined this week by a number of friends and colleagues to break down The Midwest Clinic, which we all just attended – most of us for the first time.

Trudy Chan returns to the show, then Frank Oteri (Trudy’s husband, and the founder/co-editor of NewMusicBox) joins the conversation, then Sean Perrin of the Clarineat podcast and Garrett Hope (the Justin Timberlake to MPP’s SNL) have a nice chat about our first experiences at the conference.

In short: it’s HUGE, it’s overwhelming for a first-timer, and it’s an amazing opportunity for composers and for musicians of all stripes to network and to explore a wealth of music, most of it new.

The Midwest Clinic
Clarineat with Sean Perrin

Dec 5, 2016

After we spoke in Episode 19, Scott mentioned that we should have looked at one of my previous NMUSA Project Grant applications as an example to help other applicants, and I immediately started kicking myself for not thinking of that earlier.

So this week, that’s exactly how we start the episode – we look through two of my previous applications (screen-capped below). Then we go on to look at a few applications from the String Orchestra of Brooklyn (with the permission and at the behest of Ep. 23 guest Emily Bookwalter), as well as a broad look at some previously-awarded projects. It’s a great talk, and I absolutely learned a TON in the process.

On a personal note: great job to all of you who have been emailing Scott and his team about your applications after he was on the show earlier this Fall. That’s exactly what I was hoping for, and exactly what we all need to do to make our applications better!

Scroll down for screencaps and audio samples from the applications that Scott and I talk about.

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